The Staying Crows

by Old Wolves

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Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, by Joe Zumpano


released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Old Wolves Wisconsin

Blues/Folk fit for the rainiest of days.

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Track Name: Harrowed Sleep
In the cold moonlight when the worlds asleep
I lie awake can't help but think "Oh lord, what have I done?"
I left my home when I was 24
My key still fits but that's a different door
"Oh lord, where have I gone?"

Patients waiting on surgery
A useless task, won't hear a word from me
"oh you, yeah you'll be fine"
Just breath in deep and let the cotton come
As you slip away I hope god will come
Oh lord, send your wagon soon

We're all just waiting on the cart to come
take us in our sleep from the hearts of none
Debt paid in full now let the horses free
Wide open gates, Ol' Peter waving to me

I'm gonna fix what's been ailing me
Renewed resolve before I fall asleep
"Oh shit, Morning came too soon"
I don't go to sleep until the demons gone
I drown him out, I'll keep that box fan on
"Oh lord, what the fuck have you done?"
Track Name: Teeth
I gave my soul to rock and roll
and then it asked for a receipt
to writhe in hell upon this shelf
stuck between the devil's teeth
Track Name: Health Benefits of Huffing Gas
I know it's not what you would choose
far be it from me to disappoint you
but I watch you drown yourself in booze
like a boat you float upon the blue

the teller told me a tale today
like my faith in love my money just went away
my hair fell out and my beard turns grey
I lack the wind to blow these clouds away

but today I'll take it all back
I'll breath the blood from my Cadillac

I reach for that can with a rag in my hand
make my way where the stars do align
I don't have much left in this world to call mine

I try to beat them back
this world feeds on what I lack

Never had the heart for more
the Browns they stay in Cleveland
my spoon stays in the drawer
designer drugs just leave a poor man poor
i'm not concerned about the window
but could you close the fucking door?
Track Name: 1853
I'll tear it all up
I'll burn it all down
Be like you a ghost in this town
I'll bow to your kings
Sing the songs that you sing
And just let your amber waves wash away everything I know

I'll cut my long black hair
Smile and nod
Lose grasp of who I am
Trade it all for your god
And just let your amber waves wash away everything I know

I've not known another
Spirit stretches to the sea
From one end to another
But in the distance I see me

You can carry around your flag
March in it's shadow
And push off our land
..You can keep that battle
And just let your amber waves wash away everything I know
Track Name: Ghosts of Bedford County
Smoke lingers in the weeds, like a fog that won't lift
Hot iron like rain, thunder in the distance
I'm choking on the ashes, angels breath in the morn
Close my eyes just for a second, and you're gone

Put that fire in my barrel, aim it high aim it true
Bury gold in your body, soft hands dig into you
I watch em' wreck my brothers, cold bodies in the dirt
From whence we came, return these vessels to the earth

I leave behind this heart
bound in twine and broken parts
as death whispers sweetly in my ear

I'm going home

Wrote my name of folded paper, stitched in clearly on my cap
In case I fall, I bleed, I die here at Liberty Gap
I wrote that letter to my family, hardest thing I've come to do
Charge my brothers, as they charge me to get it home to you

I stare into the sun
One last time I fill my lungs
As death whispers sweetly in my ear

I'm going home
Track Name: Prey and Pray
They say my mama dropped me off at the steps of city hall
I'll be damned if I call the cops my pops so I turned around and crawled
To the woods where my reflection shimmers up from a dirty pond
Chewin' on a bone, yeah I'm alone and I'll be that from now on

Because the father is the alpha, or at least that's what I like to say
He sat me down and taught me the difference between pray and prey

One's meant to sustain you, while the other breaks you down
One permits false promises as you kneel before the crown
One teaches to never take that which you can't use
One you'll do in vain my son while you're huddled in those pews

Because the father is the alpha, or least that's what he likes to say
He'll sit you down, pass the tip jar 'round and teach ya how to
Prey and Pray
Track Name: Brubeckagon
The masquerade is over.
Track Name: Papa's Ghost
Papa's ghost floats next to mine in the ashes of cherry limbs
"Leave us we'll be home soon enough"
We sing back at the seraphim
But their trumpets blare and their voices break
Same tired song we've heard since birth
So we cast them off "We like the woods" our tongues tied now to the earth

Mama kept the curtains closed
Said she could see better in the dark
She closed her eyes and could swear she felt
Papa's ghost deep within her heart
But her focus blurs as the tears run down
Can't find the courage to leave this place
Put's the pen away, resigns another day, keeps papa's shotgun in it's case

There ain't no weight worth a good god damn
When the other end of the rope is wrapped around your makers hand

Now come my son let the weight of a serpent's gaze
Be that which casts you aside
This world shall bear my fruit and false sense of freewill
In the shadows where children hide

Be on your way

My teachers told me that god was dead and papa's ghost just lingers on
No direction home, fully free to roam, but in quiet hear papa's song
Those trumpets blare even louder now, but the song seems to have changed
Some things we lose
Some things we don't
Some things just stay the same.
Track Name: Healers
Say's she's been off the junk now for 45 days
From the looks of it i'd say It's a little more
Still I lay, she cries and prays she could shut the door
Still I lay, she cries and prays just for a little more

Inside a swollen belly beats a heart
Never felt love fully quake and crack the earth apart
Precious, new, a life bursts through now a cleaner start
Precious, new, a life bursts through now a purer heart

I don't make
So I can't keep these promises
Swat away an outstretched hand
No matter who's it is

Sometimes no matter the climb
There is no path for this
Sometimes no matter the climb
Don't have the shoes for this

Cold shadows loom like an everlasting night
In weaker moments grabs her hand and holds it tight
Ghosts remain like the stabbing pain of a givers plight
Ghosts remain like the stabbing pain of a healers fight
Track Name: The Hunter
Whispers "I love you"
She tip toes from his room
Keeps the door cracked
Cold air comes whisping just as soon
Hides under the covers
Tries his hardest not to peek
Lantern gripped so tight it hurts
A kid alone tries not to sleep

A diligent note taker
Writes everything in crayon
In a secret coded cypher
Safe from the eyes of any man
Unwise enough to let his gaze
Fall upon this guarded quest
He alone will see this through
Plays this close to his chest

I shouldn't tell you, won't believe me anyway
But I think sometimes people stay

Scrawls every false movement
Every shadow on the wall
Compensates for the weather
Waits for weighted books to fall
Eyes heavier still
The hours grow so late
Give in to ticking clocks
Consciousness dissipates

Close and crack wide open eyes fixed upon the door
Can't see a thing
Feels it instead
They speak no words and still he's sure
..Sometimes people stay

I shouldn't tell you, won't believe me anyway
I know what I see, it doesn't matter what you say
Sometimes people stay.
Track Name: The Last Time We Spoke
Close as family close as kin
Swingin' like breaburns in the wind
I still feel you in the breeze
Rockin' like babies in a crib

I don't remember the last time spoke
But I bet you made a Joke
I bet I made a joke
Now I just scramble my way back home
I follow familiar roads

I hope I make you proud
Or at least remove some doubt
That in me your love will flourish through the flood
And if this perhaps may be
The very last time that we speak
Rest in the notion
Our ties are thicker than blood

Footsteps scatter in the snow
And Still I somehow know
Just put the pieces where they go
Just put them down and watch them grow

That old line falls from my mouth
I couldn't say what love's about
I'm still trying to figure out
I just wanted you to see
Just how much you meant to me